A fun and different approach to jigsaw puzzles for your phone or tablet.
Drag and drop pieces to complete images–it’s exercise for your brain, and the sense of satisfaction upon completion has no equal!

Many different, visually stunning pictures, with randomized pieces, will entertain you endlessly. Gridzzle on your phone anywhere, any time.


Drag and drop the pieces as they appear. Move them to the right positions to complete images, just like a jigsaw puzzle!

You have a limited number of turns so move your pieces wisely.

If pieces overlap within a cell, the cell border turns red. It turns white if you place a piece correctly.

If you need a hint, peek at the image on the top of the screen, or hit the “Check Answer” button for a closer look, but note that it will cost you 5 turns.

Enjoy Gridzzle!


Rich gameplay

Images: 3 free.
In-app purchase: 27 more images.
Place a piece correctly, and its border turns white.
Lots of gorgeous images–solving a puzzle is so satisfying!


Easy and fun

Drag and drop pieces to complete images.
See the solved puzzle at the top of the screen.
Use the “check answer” button for a closer look.
Buy the expansion pack within the app itself.

screen shots

Tips and Strategy

Play smart–don’t just place pieces randomly, hoping to solve the puzzle by trial and error.

There are two important differences, compared with regular jigsaw puzzles: (a) the pieces are all square, so the shape of a piece does not help; and (b) you are presented with pieces one at a time.

You can use the overlap feature, by placing one piece on top of another. The cell border turns red to indicate this. This allows you to delay positioning the piece, while you move on to other pieces.

Use the small image of the completed puzzle at the top of the screen. If you need a more detailed view, press the Check Answer button, but it will cost you some turns.

Enjoy Gridzzle! on your device. It’s a great way to exercise your brain while enjoying the fun of playing a very visually oriented game.

Meet the all-time Gridzzle! champions



Gordon van Alias

Gordon van Alias

Three time champion, World Gridzzle! Tournament

Gordon has a photographic memory, and is often rude to players who think longer than five seconds a move. He has a bad temper and once hurled a 10,000-piece jigsaw at the wall, only to put it all together just an hour later.

Eri Hayashi

Eri Hayashi

Professional Gridzzle! player

Eri took home $50 million in prize money and product endorsements last year. When not actually playing Gridzzle!, she counts her prize money, and arranges it in a grid. This is because she has no friends.

Sven Johnson

Sven Johnson

Author, Gridzzle! For Experts

Sven plays so much Gridzzle! that he is often hospitalized for fractures of his thumbs. His book is updated frequently with new techniques, and all the other champions read it secretly.

Tiffany Comstock

Tiffany Comstock

Gridzzle! Coach

Tiffany coaches professional Gridzzle! tournament players. Is the rumor that she mentally internalizes a picture and divides it up in her head, so that she recognizes every piece true? Nobody knows.


Gridzzle! players say 

There aren’t that many pieces in a puzzle, but because they are all square, this is probably a bit harder than some of the jigsaw puzzles I did while I was in jail. Yeah, didn’t see that coming, did you?
–Paul “nicer than I look” McEvil

Okay, so the objective is to put together a picture, but what I want to know is why break it apart in the first place? I’m asking for a friend…
–Jimmy “don’t really get it” Hahn

Gridzzle! is my latest obsession, but I find it healthier than my previous obsessions, such as chocolate, binge watching TV shows and gambling and…I think I should stop there.
–Lisbett “no half measures” Choi


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