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Flying Flags Ultimate

This game is easy to play, and a great way to learn the flags of almost all the countries in the world.

There is a carefully designed learning process at the core of the game. You will recognize, and retain in your memory, the national flags of almost all the countries in the world through repetition, disambiguation and progressive difficulty. And this all happens within the challenging and enjoyable context of an action game.

Tap on the flag that matches the country name at the bottom of the screen while it is visible. Avoid UFOs, as they take away points. So does getting a flag wrong.

To move up to the next level, recognize correctly all ten flags at the current level. Do this quickly to receive Time Bonus points.

Between levels, there is a mini-game for more bonus points. This reinforces your knowledge of all the flags you have encountered up to that point.

Expand your Flying Flags Ultimate with 15 extra levels and exam-like mini-games–this in-app-purchase is available when you are ready to move on from the first five levels, which are free to download.

Try to set the high score, as you learn all 190 flags, over 20 levels! Watching international sporting events on TV will never be the same again, once you know the flags of all the countries!

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Cute animals surround you in this game, testing your recognition and memory.

Find the colored bubbles containing the target set of three animals, and press that color at the bottom of the screen to score a point. But beware, a wrong answer causes one point to be subtracted, as a penalty!

Score ten points before the timer runs out, and you will be promoted to the next level. Each level has its own visual obstacles that block the bubbles, forcing you to make deductions with limited information, in order to complete the round within the time limit.

There are three fully working levels, but you can unlock all 30 levels through an in-app purchase.

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A fun and different approach to jigsaw puzzles for your phone or tablet. Drag and drop pieces to complete images–it’s exercise for your brain, and the sense of satisfaction upon completion has no equal!

Many different, visually stunning pictures, with randomized pieces, will entertain you endlessly. Gridzzle on your phone anywhere, any time.

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Global Spy

You have a mission: find the spies and secret items before your time runs out!

Your targets are shown dimmed at the lower left of the screen. Click on the city name on the right of the screen to move there. Each city you visit may have a spy and/or secret.

When you find your spy or secret, click on it to capture it. The target lights up, and the next target is revealed. To view all targets for the current level, press the Level Help button. To finish on time, pay attention to Spy Intelligence, and use the Map of Region to find the best routes.

Spies sometimes move around between the cities, but secret items are always at a fixed location. At higher levels, some spies may evade capture and some items may require a key. Each level has from 2 to 5 spies and a corresponding number of secret items, plus a time limit.

The first three levels are free, but an in-app purchase gets you a Super Spy Pack with 13 more levels, new spies, new secrets and new challenges.

This fun game develops your skills in memory, real-time filtering of multiple information sources and efficient route planning.

Go, Super Spy, Go!

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