Chameleon Games

Cute animals surround you in this game, constantly seeking your attention.
Yes folks, the chameleons are up to their games again, taking on the form of different animals and different colors!

Chameleon Games is a completely original game concept that tests your pattern recognition and memory.

There are three fully working levels that you can play for free, simply by downloading the game from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. If you enjoy the first three levels, you can unlock all 30 levels through an in-app purchase.

This game was developed in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada by Yuyosoft Innovations Inc., producers of fine 2D mobile games. No chameleons or cute animals were hurt during development!

Let's Play Chameleon Games


Find bubbles of the same color containing the target set of three animals, and press that color at the bottom of the screen to score a point. But beware, a wrong answer causes one point to be subtracted, as a penalty!

Score ten points before the timer runs out, and you will be promoted to the next level. Each level has its own visual obstacles that block the bubbles, often forcing you to make informed guesses with limited information, in order to complete the round within the time limit.


Rich gameplay

Levels: 3 free
In-app purchase: 27 more levels
Obstacles: 29
Animals: 15
Thousands of combinations, endless fun.
A creative variation of match-three games.


Easy and fun

Just 80 seconds per level
Challenging visual obstacles
Fun animation cut-scenes
Background music, sound effects

Chameleon Games:
screen shots

Tips and Strategy

The first level of this game is easy, as there are no visual obstacles! From Level 2, however, the animals hide behind various kinds of obstacles, some of which move, shrink and grow, fade in and out and rotate.

Your best bet is to be systematic. Go through the four colors, one at a time. For example, if your targets are two pandas and a bear, check the floating red balloons first. Once you see a red mouse or tiger, you know red is not the answer, so move on to the next color.

Every few seconds, the target animals change, so you have to act quickly. One thing you will learn, once you are familiar with the game, is how to recognize an animal quickly, even if most of it is obscured by an obstacle.

Some players like to take risks. Once they recognize two animals (in the example above, say they recognize one panda and one bear), they go ahead and press the color, assuming that the third animal is a panda, even though they have not visually confirmed this.

In this way, this game teaches you to make informed guesses rapidly, with limited information. On the battlefield, generals have to do this all the time–they call the lack of full information the “fog of war”.

Whatever you do, have fun playing Chameleon Games!

Meet some of

the animals





King of the Beasts

Lion urges you to look beyond the sharp fangs and pointy mane. Okay, so he may roar now and then, but most of the time he purrs and loves to have his ears scratched. Gently…



Large. Very large.

This is a happy elephant, as you can see. She loves to play hide and seek, but sometimes she comes out in the open, just to tease you. Be nice, because… she never forgets.



Steals carrots

Rabbit can’t really help himself. He is completely obsessed with carrots, and often steals them when farmers are looking the other way. Unfortunately, this causes both farmers and carrots to dislike rabbits.



Acrobat extraordinaire

Sheep is the star in several of the cut-scene animations in this game, as well as the narrator in the explainer video above. Mercilessly counted by insomniacs, but always cheerful nevertheless.


Chameleons players say 

What in the world? Come on people, I don’t see a single chameleon among the animals!

Hi, my name is Jessica. Can’t get enough of this game, even though I’m not that good at it. Well, the animals are so cute!

I am a zoo director. I play Chameleons everyday! And so does every single one of my zoo director friends.


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